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May 25, 2022

How Hip Hop Culture Plays A Huge Role In Water Culture

That feeling of being helpless around a large body of water is NOT the bidness. We totally agree with Jay-Z on this one. Who could fathom the thought of not being able to save their loved one, or even themself? Just because some ugly history held us back from swimming, doesn't mean we need to stay anchored to the imposter syndrome placed upon us. Hip Hop culture and water culture blend more than we know and It’s been right in front of our eyes the whole time.

Have you ever noticed how Hip Hop culture, particularly in music videos, loves to create fun pool party experiences with pool inflatables? Majority of the time the pool inflatables are just for looks, but wouldn’t it be cooler knowing that the float you're luxuriating on was Black-owned? That didn't exist until Alma Ocean came around. Alma Ocean is about to make it even more clear that we need representation in every single industry, including the water space. This Black-owned start up was created to uplift and include more representation in the water space and our Culture Addict inflatable pool isn’t being shy about that.

Kudos to Jay-Z and to all the adults out there thinking about taking swim lessons . The most important thing is getting to a place where you can learn the basic water safety skills . Our inflatables are here to uplift and empower you. We’re not just a pool inflatable business, we're here to connect you to the swim community that will allow you to be more comfortable in the water. One of our favorite role models in the swim world is Noelle Ndiaye of Afro Swimmers . Noelle is a swim coach and consultant who can provide resources for swimmers, parents, coaches, businesses and anyone looking to explore swimming. We need more uplifting in aquatics now more than ever. T here’s no need to act like we can’t learn how to swim, because we can!

To all our set designers, property masters, art directors, prop stylists and video directors who are looking to add a splash of culture to your next video, give us a shout at Hello@AlmaOcean.co Let's add a splash of culture to your next music video. No one wants that boring swan or flamingo float anymore.


Music videos with pool inflatables 

Ghostface Killah - Cherchez LaGhost ft. U-God


Pills & Automobiles - Chris Brown, Yo Gotti & A Boogie wit da hoodie 


A-Lex - Deep Water (feat. KeKe)


Wiz Khalifa - Still Wiz 


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