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Is your backyard ready for the summer fun?

Is your backyard ready for the summer fun?

Are you thinking about adding a splash of color and personality to your backyard? Are you looking to mix in a few new key pieces that will change up the scenery a little bit? Go for it! As summer approaches, we are all looking forward to joyful moments with our families and friends. If you have a backyard, it’s time to start getting it ready for summer fun with some creative decorations!

Our goal is to motivate you with these backyard design ideas so that you can create beautiful, luxurious outdoor moments right in your own space. There is so much you can do to take great care of your backyard and make it spacious, comfortable, and ready for some summer games and gatherings. Keep reading for some inspiration!

How can I decorate my patio for the summer?

How can I decorate my patio for the summer?

If you enjoy spending time outside, lounging by the pool, or splashing with your friends, then your outdoor décor choices are essential. Your furniture will reflect your style and set the tone for your outdoor living spaces. It is the backdrop of the joyful memories you will create Make sure to choose bright, vibrant colors that bring the tropical island vibes into your yard and make it a colorful happy scene.

Another important factor to consider when choosing your furniture is how you will be using it. Do you plan to relax poolside, relax in a shaded patio in your garden, or dine outdoor with friends? However you plan to spend your outdoor time, we have some excellent tips to help:

Poolside: Look for durable and reliable furniture for your poolscape. Your poolside furniture should be chlorine-resistant to accommodate both occasional splashes and drenched swimmers.

Patio: Protect your patio table & chairs with an overhead shade or umbrella to extend their lifespan. Not only does it add some cool shade to your space, but it keeps your furniture neat! Stay away from metal as it can rust and stain, creating unsightly problems on your deck or patio. When it comes to patio furniture, keep it clean.

Dining: Create a welcoming, comfortable space so you and your guests can enjoy your meals and spend some lovely time together. How? You can spice up your dining space with a cool tent like pergola or a large patio umbrella. Go with turquoise or lime green and yellow when choosing colors for a bright, inviting scene!

Ignite Your Space with some cool summer lightings!

Lighting is necessary for any summer backyard fun. It is important to note that your lighting choices will influence the vibes and ambiance you create.

For instance, if you're going to make a cozy, intimate space, you should try some split logs with lights coming out of them. For a brighter space, the easiest option would be steel column lights that you can affix around your pool or by your patio. If you are looking for a creative style, hang some mason jar chandeliers among the beams of your patio roof or add some string lights between poles; these options can add a special whimsical touch to your space.  Add some sparkle to your space by using white lights in your trees. You can even use single or multi-color lights for an extra pop of color. 


Fabulous Outdoor Shower Designs:

Outdoor showers are the essence of backyard convenience and luxury. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to cool stylish designs and vibrant colors for a unique backyard shower. Avoid the tall metal pipe and faucet lever. Instead, go with new trendy, fashionable designs! For a spa-like feel you can choose a large overhead rain shower head surrounded by a steel circle enclosure. To bring the space together with a cohesive look, make sure to incorporate design elements from your pool in your outdoor shower design.  Using the same tile is one way to ensure that familiar design elements flow throughout your yard.


Beautiful summer textures:

Take advantage of textures to tell a story in a unique way. For example, if you want to re-create a Cuban island vibe, you should look for rattan furniture or a canopy daybed. On the other hand, if you're going to go for something a little bit more classic, some light wood Adirondack chairs and a round table will create a great scene for you!

Moreover, why not create a cozy homey style? Try some large round wicker chairs piled with cushions and pillows for comfort. You can add some smaller poofs for convenience!

Just keep in mind that the textures you choose will set a theme and mood for your backyard. Play with the materials and colors of the larger pieces and choose a few key decorations to keep it fun & comfy! 


Get rid of mosquitos wisely!

Insects are vibe killers and can ruin a chill night with friends or an intimate couple's night. One way to keep them out of your space is with pesticides. However, there are now smarter, decorative, and efficient ways to get rid of insects! Check out these ideas:

Citronella Candles: These candles will add more than just a lovely glow. Their scent is not just excellent for creating summer vibes, it is also a bug repellant!

Plants: Many plants will give your backyard a touch of glamour and help fight insects too! When you select your landscaping, choose insect repellant plants such as basil and lavender.

Gadgets: Try getting a patio shield lantern, solar-powered mosquito zapper, or a citronella diffuser. There are many cool ways to keep insects away that don’t require harsh chemicals!


How do I set the scene in my pool area?

First things first, make sure your grass and plants are in excellent condition and create a beautiful setting for your pool.

Next, set the mood with outdoor speakers! Music is the essence of every summer night, and if you can't play your jam loud enough, it will ruin the mood. If you like to chill by the pool while listening to jazz, you should place some subwoofers around the area so you can truly enjoy those deep rich bass notes. 


Lounging has never been better:

Long gone is the day when you had to choose between sunbathing and being in the water. Today, there are many ways to enjoy both at the same time with fun and attractive accessories: Inflatables!

Alma Ocean offers terrific options for you and your guests. Durable, easy to use, and super cool designs that will let you luxuriate on the water scene. These gems will be a fabulous addition to your water accessories and great for fun family games too!


 Daybeds: Simple yet awesome!

You can easily turn your backyard into a wellness retreat or even a private spa! Daybeds are one of the most important pieces of outdoor furniture during summer nights. They are a luxurious relaxation spot that everyone will want to hop in on!

To make your space even cozier and more enjoyable, install a lovely cabana at the edge of your backyard with a daybed inside. Cover the daybed with some lightweight and colorful pillows and sheets for the perfect escape after a long day at work or running errands. Just put on some headphones and enjoy the summer vibes!


Some must-have accessories that will light up your backyard & summer gatherings!

Alma Ocean offers all water loves unique accessories and designs that will elevate your summer experience.

Check out the Rasta Unicorn Drinkholder & Culture Addict Inflatable Pool! These are perfect items for any summer party or cool water game.

Also, shop POOL AND BEACH TOWELS that will set you apart and help you share your love for swimming and beach vibes with everyone you care about.

Plus, take a peek at our excellent pillows with unique water designs. Our accessories are high-quality, comfy, and so adorable. No backyard décor is complete until you add the perfect accessories, found only at Alma Ocean!

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