Our Story


Alma Ocean owner, Danielle Hodge, noticed a disconnect between People of Color and water activities. She also noticed that the selection of products offered for water activities lacked sophistication and a cultural connection. These two interconnected challenges offered one simple solution: Alma Ocean.

Alma Ocean is the first, Black-owned inflatable start-up with a mission of promoting inclusivity, creativity, and sustainability through the design and production of inflatable pools and water activity accessories.




 When EVERYONE can enjoy the water, EVERYONE can enjoy the Alma Ocean experience. Alma Ocean offers resources for swimming lessons, surfing groups, and other water activities to encourage EVERYONE to safely get their feet wet and ride the wave.


Inflatable pools should not only keep people cool, but they should make people look cool as well. Alma Ocean offers creative designs that will enhance any outdoor space and serve as the centerpiece to every backyard barbeque and swimming ocassion.


Alma Ocean believes in protecting the ocean, which is why upcycling is such a priority. Reusing and recycling inflatable pools and water products is a way to alleviate Alma Ocean’s environmental imprint on this Earth. We've partnered with businesses who create beautiful water accessories out of old and worn pool inflatables.