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As a native Floridian born of Caribbean immigrants, water culture and wellness were always a part of Founder Danielle Hodge's identity. Danielle has spent her career working as an Event Producer and Marketing Manager for numerous brands, making her a two-time business owner. She is also the CEO of the Guyanese-based coconut oil company, Indigenous Coconut Oil.

The decision to launch Alma Ocean was an organic move! Danielle, who loves to swim herself, noticed her community lacked the support for water activities and swimming resources.

"I felt the need to see more uplifting and more representation in the advertising of water products. I had a strong sense of FOMO and felt left out while falling into a deep rabbit hole, searching for more people who looked like me. I almost feel like it's my calling to be a part of the culture shift in the water space." - Danielle

This alone inspired Danielle to add a splash of culture in the water space. Alma Ocean was created to uplift the culture and give artists a place where they could make their art float. Danielle has undertaken artist collaborations to create unique designs that stand out and speak for themselves. Alma Ocean embraces diversity, creativity, and unity within the water community. It is not just a brand! We are a community and lifestyle that inspires and motivates you to tap into an aquatic life - in style! We are here for those who love the culture, water accessories, swimming resources, and all things colorful.

A perfect summer accessory and unique product that will allow you to feel embraced and beautiful while luxuriating on the water scene.

Alma Ocean was created and designed to celebrate culture within the water space. We are here to remind you about self care and give you a unique product which will allow you to feel embraced & beautiful while luxuriating on the water scene.
Pool Inflatables By Alma Ocean