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Our Story

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Alma Ocean was created to celebrate YOU. We provide unique products & resources which will make you feel acknowledged and elevated while luxuriating on any water scene. Founder Danielle Hodge, noticed something major was missing when she shopped online or in stores for pool accessories. With roots deeply grounded in Guyanese culture, Danielle, who loves to swim herself, noticed the lack of diversity and support for water activities and swimming resources.

Danielle said, "I rarely ever saw someone who looked like me or saw a pool accessory that was a MUST HAVE when it came to design & functionality.” Danielle wasn’t alone in having the desire to see uplifting images and cultural representation of water products. Feeling left out, she knew she wasn’t alone with others who understood and wanted to change the under-representation of culture in water accessories. Danielle’s family & friends became the first community to assist in establishing a strong foundation by providing insight and lending hands to help pack and ship orders. She intends to continue to launch different aquatic products as Alma Ocean grows. The main goal is to get more people comfortable in the water and to partner with swim schools and swim coaches to drop the drowning statistics in the Black community.


What’s Alma Ocean All About?

You might wonder how Danielle came up with the name Alma Ocean. Alma means soul, compassion and humanity and the Ocean is a healing body of water. Danielle thought the world could use a bit of both and landed the name Alma Ocean.

Alma Ocean is building a community that promotes inclusivity, exhibits creativity and encourages sustainability through the design and production of pool inflatables and water accessories. Our goal is to become a leading water accessory and a swim resource in aquatics. diversify and continue to uplift you in the water space.

We are dedicated to developing new designs and solutions that will transform and improve your overall experience in aquatics, as well as advance our industry leadership. These efforts are done with the goal of providing quality, representation, cultural pride while delivering unprecedented service to our
communities. It’s time for all pool & beach goers to spend less time finding water accessories and more time enjoying them and the water.




Although we are always looking for ways to be more sustainable, efforts do not go unnoticed. Our products are made in small batches to prevent waste. We also encourage recycling pool inflatables by repurposing materials to make a variety of innovative accessories. There are a lot of Upcycle guru’s out there who can take your worn and punctured inflatable and make them a forever product. Learn more here


Here at Alma Ocean we give artists a place where they can make their art float through partnerships and collaborations. We showcase unique designs created by artists that stand out and speak for themselves. Our patented designs are not used anywhere else other than with Alma Ocean. Don’t be shy, give us a shout for collaborations we’d love to hear from you!